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Security Awakens: Defending Against the First Order
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The First Order has risen and will stop at nothing to get to your data. Vault software security can be complex and confusing if you do not understand how it works. This class is essential for administrators who want to learn the different security models within Vault software. The main focus of the class will be to cover object- and lifecycle-level security. Learn how object-level security sets or denies access to objects for users or groups. Learn how lifecycle-level security sets or denies access to objects based on the state of the object. Finally, learn how object and lifecycle state security are combined to work together to control object access, which is new in Vault 2017 software. Leave with the knowledge needed to awaken your security needs and restore peace and justice to your Vault software. Defend against the First Order. This session features Vault Professional, Vault Office, and Vault Workgroup.


  • Learn how to configure object-level security
  • Learn how to configure lifecycle state-level security
  • Learn how object- and lifecycle-level security work together
  • Learn how users are affected by the security settings