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Hands-on Lab    CO6084-L
BIM 360 Glue: The Super Glue for Your Model Coordination Workflows
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In this lab we will introduce and work with BIM 360 Glue software for model coordination workflows. BIM 360 Glue software is a cloud-based Building Information Modeling (BIM) Management and Collaboration Solution that connects the entire project team and helps streamline BIM project review and coordination workflows. If you want to learn how to perform model coordination and clash resolution in the cloud with your extended team, or if you'd like to improve your existing desktop-based processes, this hands-on lab is for you. We will guide you through effective workflows for coordinating complex multidiscipline models using BIM 360 Glue software and better communicating with your entire team. We will also explore advanced options to track and manage clashes in BIM 360 Glue software and empower the extended project team with real-time, continuous BIM coordination to significantly shorten coordination cycles.


  • Get started with BIM 360 Glue software for model-based coordination
  • Understand the basic steps involved in reviewing and coordinating multidiscipline models using BIM 360 Glue software
  • Get insight into advanced conflict-resolution workflows involving tracking and managing clashes
  • Learn how to collaborate better with entire project teams by annotating project models and sending notifications in real-time from anywhere