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Lecture    FB2514
Autodesk Fabrication: Under the Hood and Undocumented
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Many users can use Autodesk Fabrication products as well as set up and maintain their Autodesk Fabrication database. But do you know how to migrate from an old MAP (pre-Autodesk) installation to a new version? How do you migrate or load configurations from release to release? Can you deploy and manage your database across multiple locations? How do you tie in your new shop equipment to the database without bringing a consultant on-site? What is the difference between a profile and configuration? Can you keep spoolers from stepping on each other's toes? If you've ever wanted to understand more about how the database is structured and how it works, this is the perfect class for you.


  • Determine the proper database structure for your needs
  • Assess new shop equipment requirements and figure out how to get your database to interface with it
  • Explain how all those files work together and what they all do
  • Determine which settings outside the database are user versus system in scope