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I Got You Babe: When Fusion 360 and PowerMill Come Together
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Everyone is experiencing the skills-gap change to some degree. With the increasing breadth of this issue looming over manufacturing, automated processes and efficient workflows have become paramount to every business. Many CAD/CAM products offer solutions that come close; however, they can leave people feeling overwhelmed, which causes more of a setback rather than a solution. In this class, we’ll demonstrate how the new generation of cloud and advanced manufacturing solutions will help close the gap. The goal is to communicate how Fusion 360 software and PowerMill can improve the efficiency of subtractively manufacturing your parts, increasing productivity, and complementing your existing workflows.


  • Discover the overall functionality and strengths of both Fusion 360 and PowerMill
  • Discover how the Fusion 360 entitlement works for PowerMill, PowerShape, PowerInspect, and FeatureCAM subscribers
  • Learn how to identify Fusion 360 and PowerMill workflows, which use AnyCAD, simulation, generative design, and advanced toolpaths
  • Discover the CAM capabilities, overlaps, and specializations of Fusion 360 and PowerMill