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Pre-conference Session    FDC322226
Extending BIM 360 Document Management Approvals with the Design Automation API for Revit
Autodesk University
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Discover how the Design Automation API for Revit can extend and enhance your BIM 360 Document Management approval workflows. Learn from Bechtel and Autodesk Consulting as they discuss their first-hand experiences. Attendees will leave this session with an understanding of the need for using the Design Automation for Revit API to extend BIM 360 Document Management, and the challenges faced while doing so through a recent Proof of Concept effort.

Key Learnings

  • Explain the need to extend BIM 360 Document Management workflows
  • Explain how BIM 360 Document Management can be integrated with other Data Management Solutions
  • Discuss the processes used in extending BIM 360 Document Management with Design Automation for Revit
  • Discuss the overall Revit API requirements and limitations associated with Design Automation