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Automated Feature-Based CAD Conversion for CAD Data Migration into Inventor
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ITI has an understanding of data interoperability. Specific market trends drive companies to change their CAD system into Inventor. The biggest pain that comes with a project like that is preventing your intellectual properties, such as features, design intelligence and parametrics. We understand that it is possible your design team has invested years and eventually millions into establishing these. With GoToINVENTOR we want to use the opportunity and introduce you to a software, that will be able to support your CAD conversion project in a fully automated way, saving your valuable CAD features and your design intelligence. We would be happy to see you join us and learn about CAD standards as drivers for CAD conversions to Inventor, the technology behind GoToINVENTOR, how the software works, and of course the benefits that will apply to your project if you decide to work with ITI and GoToINVENTOR to support your CAD migration requirements.


  • Execute feature-based CAD conversion
  • Use an automated CAD conversion process
  • Retain your CAD data design intelligence and parametrics when changing your CAD system to Inventor
  • Understand how ITI can help you in the process; learn about our expertise and experience