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Lecture    AV1668
Take Your Renderings to the Next Level with Showcase 2014
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This class shows you how to use the new PSD output feature in Showcase 2014 software to go into a post-production workflow to enhance the final look of a visualization. Also, it takes you through the use of layers, blend modes, and filters inside Adobe® Photoshop® to add depth and photographic phenomena to a rendering. These concepts are not particular to Photoshop, so they can be applied to other software. Post-production work lets users manipulate a final rendering in real-time, enabling them to deliver better renderings in less time.


  • Use advanced camera settings to calibrate the shot color and lighting
  • Create a proper print-size rendering in PSD format
  • Use layers and blend modes to manage rendering elements from Showcase in a post-production
  • Add real-world phenomena to the final image in PhotoShop