Industry Talk    CI125542
Infrastructure Condition Assessment and Monitoring with Point Cloud, Images, and 3D Model
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This class will present the automated process used to perform structural assessments for water infrastructure projects. Historically, manned inspection was the means for data collection; for example, rappelling down a dam taking photos, notes, and sketches. In remote assessment process, high-definition images are collected with small drones combined with terrestrial LIDAR (light detection and ranging) scanning. Drones offer an ideal solution because often these facilities (such as dams) are isolated but have aerial visibility. The reality capture of the structure-instead of individual images-provides a useful tool for assessment. The collected data can be transformed into 3D models utilizing AutoCAD Civil 3D software or Revit software-models which are also shareable with the remote team on the BIM 360 platform. The data can be used to monitor structure performance by taking several surveys over time. Use of a systematic approach for the survey improves the delivery quality and schedule. This tool empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions on critical structures.


  • Understand the current evaluation methods and challenges
  • Gain an overall knowledge base for developing the remote assessment and monitoring procedure
  • Learn about the different methods of processing, combining, and transforming the collected data
  • Learn how to use BIM 360 to collaborate the Autodesk models with multiple discipline for real-time assessments and monitoring