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Lecture    CV6527
AutoCAD Civil 3D Pressure Networks: Building and Using Your Custom Parts Catalog
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AutoCAD Civil 3D software's Pressure Networks is great out of the box if you use mechanical or push-on fittings, but what if you use welded or other fittings? Not to worry—you can build your own custom parts catalog. Learn how to create the 3D model needed for your custom part, how to export the data, and how to include it in your new catalog using Content Catalog Editor. Once your parts are in your catalog, we will learn how to create the pressure network parts list to create your pressure network. Finally, you will learn how to share your design with stakeholders using InfraWorks 360 software.


  • Learn how to create your 3D model for your custom pressure network part
  • Create a new custom parts catalog using Content Catalog Editor
  • Discover new custom catalog and create parts list for pressure network creation
  • Share your pressure network using InfraWorks 360 software