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Instructional Demo / London 2019
4D Planning in Construction: A Workflow in Navisworks with 3 Case Studies
During this Instructional Demo, you will be guided through a workflow to create a 4D planning within Navisworks. The workflow will be presented using 3 case studies of infrastructure projects within the Netherlands. The overall benefit of 4D planning in construction projects is the awareness of time-related clashes in advance, instead of encountering them on the construction site. However, the underlying motive to use 4D planning is slightly different in every project. In addition, every project encounters different challenges, phases and objects. The application of a 4D planning in our case studies in a nutshell: 1) Maintenance on Schiphol Airport: Heijmans is responsible for the maintenance of several runways, airstrips and taxiways on Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands. 4D planning is used to visualise different scenarios in the availability of runways, airstrips and taxiways and to tackle high risk areas during activities. Besides these applications, the 4D planning is a central element during daily stands to discuss the planning and the risk areas for that day; 2) Provincial road N280: this project comprehends a reconstruction of the main road in Roermond, including the construction of an underpass using the existing intersection. The 4D planning is used to generate site plans of activities and potential clashes in time; 3) Expansion of the Beatrix-lock: the threat of a nautical bottleneck due to the increasement of shipping required an expansion of the Lekkanaal and the construction of a third lock. In this project a 4D planning visualised different construction phases with extra attention to high-risk activities, such as the placement of the new lock gates. The 3D model and planning are also used for a 3D print of the lock with monthly renewed aerial photographs as a base. This 3D print was the key element for lean planning sessions. This Instructional Demo highlights the essential steps and best practices in the workflow to generate an added-value 4D planning as used for above-mentioned projects. The workflow starts in the design phase with encoding your objects in your 3D model, since this is one of the most important steps in the process. After that, a demo will guide you to the steps of how to create the link in Navisworks between your planning and 3D model. To end the demo, a short instruction on how to generate a simulation of the created 4D planning will be provided.
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