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March 21, 2018

Do More with BIM 360 Using the Power of Forge

If you attended the AEC keynote at AU in November, you heard the big news: the next generation of BIM 360 is built on the Forge development platform. What does that mean for you if you already use BIM 360? Many things, but perhaps most importantly the ability to use Forge to customize your BIM 360 deployment to integrate it into your company’s workflows and your construction ecosystem. At AU 2017, Sheryl Yang, Judd Fuoto, and Mona Jalilzadeh led a session about doing just that. They showed what was possible, shared customer successes, and explained how to get started. What can you do with your models? Your data? Check out their class to find out.

Watch Integrate BIM 360 Within Your Enterprise with Forge now. (video: 55:28 min.)

Want to dive into the nuts and bolts of integration? Mikako Harada’s AU 2017 class Demystifying the BIM 360 and Forge APIs is a great place to start. (video: 1:01 hr.) Don’t have an hour to spare? Check out the AU 2017 Theater presentation from Dale Lutz, VP of Product Development at Safe Software. He talks about how they were able to integrate the Forge API into their platform in just 2 weeks. (video: 12:34 min.) These short AU Explainers featuring Victoria Chua and Wendy Tam of Plant Construction Company break down the benefits of BIM 360 and how to make those benefits clear to architects, owners, contractors, and everyone in between.