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Technical Support – the secret sauce to creating a successful help desk
Идентификатор занятия: AS502391
Программы: AutoCAD, BIM 360 Docs, Civil 3D, Revit
Темы: Building Design, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Building Operations, CAD Management, Quality Management

Описание сессии

Technical support is an important topic that is sometimes overlooked.
Users require assistance and should be able to get it when they require it in order to effectively use their digital tools.

Microdesk's consulting team of technical specialists has established a compelling service that people use every day to have their issues resolved and questions answered.

All you need is passion and knowledge to work at a support desk.
Passion for helping others and knowledge of how to solve problems, or at the very least how to ask the right questions.

This story will be told, as well as some basic troubleshooting advice and an overview of the most prevalent difficulties and how we resolve them.

We will assist you regardless of who you are. Our specialists feel supported while working with clients and have the confidence of the team behind them because even people from within the organization reach out for assistance.

Цели обучения

  1. Learn about our help desk and how to reach out if you need help
  2. Understand the dynamics of a team working to help each other and our clients
  3. Learn about the most common issues and how to resolve them
  4. Get your questions answered. Try us!

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