Building Owners
Roundtable Discussion
What does Sustainability mean for Owners?
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Темы: Building Operations, Data Management, Digital Delivery, Facilities Management, Sustainability

Описание сессии

The term "sustainability" is a broad term that covers a wide range of topics. We've come to learn more about what sustainability means to business owners in our industry. Let's talk about the stumbling obstacles and how we might close the gap in how owners interact with project stakeholders. Our mission is to improve collaboration and develop more sustainable ways of designing, building, and operating. In this session, we aim to bring together owners who lead our industry to design better to achieve a more sustainable process for the adoption of sustainability strategies. By 2023, the green construction market in the United States is estimated to reach $103.08 billion. Green buildings that integrate such measures have been shown to boost their asset value by 7%. We'll also talk about the challenges of working with stakeholders to attain these objectives.

Цели обучения

  1. Define sustainable standards, Metrics/KPIs, in your OIR and define the AIR to ensure cost savings in the end
  2. Define what sustainability means for owners
  3. Define sustainability metrics and KPIs for design and construction team to deliver
  4. Gather and Collect data that will provide value to your sustainable project demands

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