2021 Theater Talks

Explore dynamic ideas and inspirational projects with these short talks from industry thought leaders.



Harnessing the Power of the Ocean to Decarbonize Our Energy Grid | Marcus Lehmann (6:11 min.)



Industrialized Construction, Productization, and Transformation | Amy Marks (11:14 min.)



Unlocking the Full Potential of Digital Twins through the Power of GeoBIM | Darin Welch (11:22 min.)



Delivering the Future to Your Doorstep by Drone | James McClearen (9:31 min.)



Digital Transformation for the Next Industrial Revolution | Hilda Espinal (11:50 min.)



Architecture in the Age of More, Better, and Faster | Nicholas Desbiens (9:52 min.)



Diversity Builds the Workforce of Tomorrow | Giovanna Brasfield (10:36 min.)



Smart Cities for the Public Good | Tom Coleman (10:11 min.)



Driving Waste Out of Your Industry: A New Approach from McKinstry | Dace Campbell (9:50 min.)



Resilience and Innovation for Water Infrastructure | David Totman (8:21 min.)



Resilience in the Face of the Construction Industry's Hardest Year | Allison Scott (13:48 min.)



Virtual Production: A Revolution in Video Production and Storytelling | Hardie Tankersley (10:14 min.)



Invest in Digitization, Inspire Your Designers | François Appéré (6:54 min.)



Digital Convergence and the Future of Construction | Lee Ramsey (7:38 min.)



Unlocking the Power in Your BIM Data | Virginia Senf (10:33 min.)



The Golden Thread of Information around the Building Safety Bill | Duncan Yarroll (9:39 min.)