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October 7, 2009

AU 2009 Podcasts: Supercharge Your AU Experience

Matt Murphy, AU PowerTrack Manager, continues his series of interviews with this year’s PowerTrack Leads, each of whom played a key role in designing this year’s PowerTracks. Here’s your chance to find out more about how they are designed and what’s in store for AU attendees who sign up this year for these specialized series of classes.

AU PowerTracks give you a unique opportunity to learn in-depth from the best of the best in their respective industries.

Garin Gardiner

Inventor PowerTrack: Solving Industry Problems Using Advanced Techniques

Listen as Garin Gardiner, Technical Marketing Manager for the Autodesk® Inventor® product line, discusses the four main themes of this year’s Inventor PowerTrack, each designed to address very specific user and design issues, and to maximize efficiency during the economic downturn. Listen now.

J.C. MalitzkePower Up Your AutoCAD Experience

Join AutoCAD® PowerTrack lead, J.C. Malitzke and AU PowerTrack Manager, Matt Murphy as they discuss this year’s innovative strategy for the AutoCAD Powertrack—from 3D solids, surfaces, and mesh modeling techniques to intelligent drawing, documentation, and annotation to managing content standards. Find out why a mature software product like AutoCAD still offers many interesting challenges and learning opportunities, even for veteran AutoCAD users. Listen now.