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How to implement BIM in a 6000+ staff company and to stay mentally sane...?
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In 2017, Arcadis launched the “100% BIM” program. The objective being to switch 100% of our design activities into a BIM environment by the of 2020.
In this class, I will present you what this program looks like within Arcadis North America and what does it take to apply it. We will tackle various topics, from business transformation, change & expectations management, communication plan, to BIM strategy, BIM implementation plan and BIM roles and responsibilities…
During this class I will share my views on how to effectively navigate the different management layers of a large-scale organization and what are the key drivers of technological transformation. I will also share my feedback on how to streamline your time and not going crazy at the end of busy weeks!
So, whether you are working in a start-up or a multinational company, whether BIM is you daily concern or not, this class aims to be inspiring and will be full of personal stories from a French BIM manager in New York…

Key Learnings

  • Understand how to develop an efficient BIM strategy
  • Discover the key drivers of the implementation of BIM within a large-scale organization
  • Discover how to gain trust from stakeholders and how to manage expectations
  • Understand the leadership roles in change management and business transformation




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