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Rail Design - Fast and Effective,
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This class we will demonstrate AECOM's approaches to rail design. Once the process is established the design is seamless & information transfer is so quick you can say it's a High speed rail by the end of the day! The tools we use are Civil 3D and Revit. The class will demonstrate methods of achieving efficient collaboration between the technologies and align to project milestone. Attendees will gain knowledge on the lessons learn & decision making process for the correct outcome for the project. Attendees will also learn how the Autodesk's features compliment the design processes that help make this successful. The session will cover the following topics, the importance of model structures, roles and responsibilities among the design teams, projects setups and key steps. Real world coordinates and management for model coordination and future uses. Finally we will go through the key steps for effective technical workflows for Civil 3D datasets in Revit Projects.

Основные выводы

  • Understanding the importance of BIM and impact to model and team structures.
  • Establishing Roles and responsibilities within the design teams.
  • Key tips and tricks for Tunnelling Civil 3D workflows.
  • Key Steps for successfully utilizing Autodesk Civil3D data for Autodesk Revit.



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