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Streamline Your Development Workflows with Vault and Fusion Lifecycle
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Vault product data management (PDM) software helps designers and engineers better organize design data, enhance documentation management, and streamline revision processes of their product data. Product data is not exclusively used by development teams, but should also be available outside the engineering department. On the other hand, the engineers require data from upstream processes such as sales orders and specifications. And that's where a product lifecycle management (PLM) system like Fusion Lifecycle software comes into the play. Fusion Lifecycle serves as a companywide information source for activities before, during, and after development actions, supported by automated processes. In this class, we will have a look at how both worlds (PDM and PLM) can be tied together to streamline the workflows throughout the whole product development cycle.

Основные выводы

  • Learn about the differences between PDM and PLM
  • Discover how to streamline your entire development process using Vault and Fusion Lifecycle
  • Learn how Vault and Fusion Lifecycle can be tight together
  • See integrated workflows between Vault and Fusion Lifecycle in action




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