Lecture    GS1998
InfraWorks: From Concept to Completion
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In this class, you learn how InfraWorks software can be used for your organization's next infrastructure project in this step-by-step guide to your first view into such a unique tool. InfraWorks gives you the ability to place your designs into the real world—think of Google Street View™ in Google Maps™ mapping service—and now place your designs around it using the best of Autodesk® Infrastructure Modeler, AutoCAD® Civil 3D®, and Navisworks® software tools combined. We show you how you can also design in this tool. This approach is a productivity-boosting solution that identifies new workflows beneficial beyond the project team. Finally, you learn how to export your design to the Apple® iPad® and the App Store_ to provide public involvement, truly promoting your design from the PC to your client, public, and stakeholders.

Key Learnings

  • Describe InfraWorks and its features
  • Create your own workflow for producing data files
  • Create ready-for-presentation scenarios for your project
  • Build a coordinated model using real-life coordinates



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