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Hands-on Lab    MSF9970-L
Advance Steel: Drawing Styles Customization
Autodesk University
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In this hands-on lab you will learn how to customize a drawing style to suit your specific requirements for detail drawings, taking into account what should be shown in detail, how should it be shown, labels, and dimensions to be created. We will walk through the workflow of configuring drawing styles using the Drawing Styles Manager interface, with an explanation of existing options and settings. We will configure and use model objects, labels, and dimensions in specific scenarios. This class will include configuration and workflow recommendations for an efficient way of using drawing styles. Please note that this class is suitable for intermediate and advanced users only.

Основные выводы

  • Learn the main structure of a drawing style using Drawing Styles Manager
  • Discover by direct testing the existing settings and options of drawing styles
  • Learn how to configure and use model objects, labels, and dimensions
  • Learn workflow recommendations for using and configuring the drawing styles and Drawing Style Manager


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