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Parsons and BIM 360: Challenges, Work-Arounds and Best Practices in Implementation
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Parsons Corporation—a technology-focused defense, intelligence, and infrastructure engineering firm—has implemented BIM 360 technology on its infrastructure projects for the past five years. The enhanced Revit collaborative tools and file restrictions are great, but as many have discovered, it’s not easy or straightforward to set up a BIM 360 project. We will show you how Parsons has implemented BIM 360 with Revit and Civil 3D integration, explain how georeferenced coordinates work, discuss the challenges we encountered because of our client base, and share work-arounds to get BIM 360 implemented in our diverse project portfolio. Our projects are anything but typical, and nor were the challenges we encountered when implementing BIM 360. What we learned while setting up and testing BIM 360 at Parsons will help you efficiently implement it at your office.

Основные выводы

  • Discover the challenges that Parsons faced when implementing BIM 360
  • Learn how to integrate Revit, Civil 3D, and Navisworks with BIM 360
  • Learn how Parsons is using BIM 360 on infrastructure projects
  • Learn about the troubles Parsons had with implementation and how the firm worked around them



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