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An Enterprise Approach to BIM 360 Field: 1 Project to 1 Enterprise in 1 Year
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Hansen Yuncken, Australia’s largest private general contractor, was the first in Australia to successfully complete an enterprise implementation of BIM 360 Field software, spanning over 100 projects in a single year. A more strategic and consistent approach has achieved greater returns and assurance through a streamlined system with integration to corporate systems achieving transparency and enterprise analytics. This session will cover best practices and skills learned from Hansen Yuncken’s approach to the implementation of BIM 360 Field software. It will cover techniques and the importance in the development of standardized project templates to support streamlined project establishment and organizational consistency. Learn some of the core concepts within the application that supports user efficiency in the field, along with training strategies to support all user levels. We will provide an introduction on the benefits and efficiencies achieved from enterprise system integration.

Key Learnings

  • Discover key functionalities within BIM 360 Field and efficiencies it can deliver on projects
  • Discover core concepts in project template setup and its importance toward user efficiency and enterprise analytics
  • Learn how to develop better training strategies to overcome organizational and cultural barriers to change
  • Discover an understanding how APIs can support wider enterprise integration




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