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Creating Transparency in France with Dynamo
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A week after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, Norwegian architects Snøhetta were announced as the winners of the competition to design the new Le Monde headquarters in the French capital. The winning proposal aligned with the wish of both the client and the French society to counter the terrorist attack with transparency and openness-a wish recently reinforced by the election of Emmanuel Macron as the country's new president. In this presentation, Håvard Vasshaug will show you how the Snøhetta design team used Dynamo software and Revit software to create a glass façade that will communicate transparency in a monumental way-by automating the combination of multiple layers of variations in materials, orientation, placement, size, transparency, and reflectivity, while containing both complexity and cost. The project will be a landmark in Paris. Learn how Dynamo was used at the center of the design.

Основные выводы

  • Learn how visual programming with Dynamo gives you powers to make Revit do what you want, including creating transparency and openness in France
  • Learn how to make Revit talk to Grasshopper with Dynamo, Excel, and Flux
  • Learn how to apply multiple levels of controlled randomness to Revit families
  • Learn how to achieve yin and yang by finding the balance between art and logic



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