Instructional Demo    AS147320
Design Visualization Workflow From Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Maya to the Unity real time interactive creation engine.
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This instructional demonstration is designed for architects, product designers, and anyone needing real-time and interactive visualization, and will showcase a workflow between Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Maya and Unity. The instructor will cover best practices for exporting a building model from Revit, and importing it into Unity. Using the new high-fidelity FBX roundtrip workflow between Maya and Unity, the instructor will remodel assets in Maya and show instantly updated results in Unity, for a highly iterative roundtrip workflow. The instructor will also cover a variety of techniques for rapidly polishing the materials and lighting in a scene in Unity, adding interaction, and building to a multitude of platforms including VR.

Основные выводы

  • Discover best practices for exporting from Revit
  • Learn how to rapidly deploy designs in VR or other platforms
  • Learn about the Maya/Unity high-fidelity FBX round trip workflow
  • Learn tips and techniques for creating realistic materials and lighting for visualizations



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