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Advanced Collaboration and Cost Calculation with InfraWorks
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This class will cover how InfraWorks software could be used for efficient planning, collaboration, and cost calculations. The class will give you insights from the consultant’s perspective, as well as from the project owner. Bane NOR, the state-owned company responsible for the Norwegian national railway infrastructure, had a challenge: How could the industry change established workflows and be able to present cost estimates earlier in the plan process? How could they present the design to the public and be able to interact with stakeholders? Norconsult took the challenge, and we are here together with Bane NOR to show how scripting solves problems, how Bane NOR involves all the stakeholders and public by using web presentations, and how Norway will get more and better rail infrastructure than ever before.

Основные выводы

  • Learn how to use InfraWorks as an information carrier with use of extended functionality
  • Gain insights from the consultant and the project owner perspective
  • Gain a better understanding of the importance of cost, and learn how to do cost calculation in preliminary phases
  • Discover how to use game technology and make web presentations with exports from InfraWorks




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