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Hands-on Lab    MFG240166-L
Generative Design Hands-On Workshop (REPEAT 1)
Autodesk University
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This 1-day workshop will gather a small exclusive group of talented engineers and designers for a special hands-on look at Autodesk's Generative Design technology. You will walk away with the ability to increase your innovation capacity by exploring solution domains beyond a single concept of traditional design tools. This hands-on session will complete an entire generative workflow, from defining requirements to manufacturing.

Основные выводы

  • Understand what generative design is, how it is different from geometry creation tools, and how it is so much more than light weighting or topology optimization.
  • Understand (through multiple hands-on exercises) the foundational concepts that you need in order to succeed when defining, generating, and exploring solutions.
  • Learn various manufacturing methods and strategies applicable for generative designs.
  • Experience the role that generative design plays in product development and real-world problem-solving.



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