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Programming the Work out of CAD Management
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Some CAD managers are challenged with balancing their “real work” (as a billable employee) with their CAD management responsibilities (often considered nonbillable time). This can be a daunting and thankless assignment. Billable work and deadlines consume your workday, so CAD management gets squeezed in between projects, during lunches, or after hours. But it’s possible to use some simple (and a few not-so-simple) AutoLISP tricks to make AutoCAD software do some of the heavier or more tedious CAD management tasks, so you can get back to your work (and your life). Like many tools, AutoLISP can be intimidating, frustrating, dangerous, and powerful all at the same time. But as with any tool, understanding how it works and how to work it makes a huge difference. In this session, we’ll look at some real-world scenarios, a number of examples, and a variety of resources available to use back at your company.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to use AutoLISP to help with AutoCAD configurations
  • Explore how standards can enable automation via AutoLISP
  • Learn how to use AutoLISP to check, apply, report, and maintain company standards
  • Learn how AutoLISP can also make allowances for project, client, and user variations or preferences while preserving company standards




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