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Computational BIM Workshop and Forum for Beginners
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Combine logic, geometry, math, and BIM (Building Information Modeling) with Dynamo visual programming. We'll use Dynamo to drive a Revit document and interoperate with other applications, data sources, and modeling tools. If you already have some experience with Revit software and are looking to expand its capabilities with computation, this workshop is for you. Basic understanding of computer programming and scripting is helpful, but not required. This is a full-day class, including networking opportunities over breakfast, lunch, and drinks. Participants will share one computer for every 2 people to encourage exchange.

Основные выводы

  • Discover visual scripting using Dynamo for Revit and understand just exactly what that jargon means.
  • Learn about how Dynamo for Revit lets you perform tasks in Revit. It cannot invent new functionality that is not already possible in Revit. Usually this means that Dynamo is ideal for problems that would be tedious or time-consuming to do manually. For example, tasks that require little to no brain power, but take thousands of clicks to execute, are the perfect place to automate using Dynamo.
  • Learn how Dynamo should be thought of as a tool you use alongside of Revit. You do not have to perform a task only manually in the Revit UI or only with Dynamo. You can do some things directly in Revit and some things with Dynamo. In other words, use the right tool for the job. Additionally, Dynamo is a perfect complement to daily Revit workflows.
  • Learn how to structure a problem. This means clearly deciding what you want to do, and then breaking it down into the component steps required to achieve it.



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