Hands-on Lab    BLD125619L
Integrating Structural Design and Analysis: The Basics of a Revit-Robot Structural Analysis Professional Workflow
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In this hands-on lab, we'll explore the simple, powerful, round-trip workflow between Revit 2018 software and Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2018 software. We'll start with a simple structural model of a building in Revit, and we'll develop an understanding of the analytical model that Revit builds concurrently with the creation of structural geometry. We'll then explore the Structural Analysis for Revit feature, which lets static and gravity analyses be performed in the cloud directly from Revit. Next, we'll push that model into Robot Structural Analysis Professional to perform a basic analysis and code group-based design. Finally, we'll push the updated geometry from Robot Structural Analysis Professional back to Revit and observe that the model has been updated.

Основные выводы

  • Discover the relationship between the physical and analytical models in Revit
  • Learn how to use the Structural Analysis for Revit feature for quick structural checks
  • Learn how to send models from Revit to Robot Structural Analysis Professional and back for full-featured analysis
  • Learn how to perform code group-based design for steel members in Robot Structural Analysis Professional




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