Lecture    AV3225
Architectural Renderings That Inspire Your Clients
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How do you tell a story with a rendering? How can a 3D model be transformed into a work of art? Is it the illumination, the camera settings, the props, or the composition that brings a project to life and transforms it from a flat image into an inspiring representation of your architectural project? Whether you are a new AutoCAD® or Autodesk® Revit® software user or a production professional who wants a new angle on your projects, this class will immerse you in the creative and technical architectural visualization possibilities available in Autodesk® Design Suite. By learning basic principles of architectural photography and the qualities of great interior and exterior images, you will gain a fresh perspective for producing renderings that will delight and inspire your clients.

Основные выводы

  • Acquire knowledge of visualization resources for architectural projects
  • Get inspired with a gallery of architectural rendering examples
  • Identify the qualities of great interior and exterior architectural renderings
  • Implement best practices for setting up lighting, camera settings, materials, and composition




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