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Lecture    UT1708
Automating Substation Design with Inventor, AutoCAD Electrical, and Substation Design Suite
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There are approximately 3200 electric utilities in the United States. Each utility has their own standards, procedures, workflows, and more for designing substations. To solve the overwhelming task of automating substation design to fit each utility's specific situation, Autodesk and AutomationForce partnered to develop the Substation Design Suite, an add-in for Inventor software and AutoCAD Electrical software. This class describes Nashville Electric Service's (NES) experience in adapting these software packages for their unique work processes. The class includes discussion of the challenges NES faced in the beginning, the pros and cons of using provided content versus creating customized content and provides examples of customizing Substation Design Suite content and templates in Inventor and adapting AutoCAD Electrical to meet specific design requirements.

Основные выводы

  • Describe the challenges of implementing a model-based substation design system
  • Develop a plan to adapt Inventor, AutoCAD Electrical, and Substation Design Suite for your utility's specific situation
  • Automate the Inventor substation design process
  • Adapt AutoCAD Electrical to specific substation design procedures



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