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Lecture    CV6296
How Big is Big? Maximize AutoCAD Civil 3D Performance Without Sacrifice
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Your infrastructure projects are getting bigger and bigger, your alignments are becoming longer and longer, and your surfaces are detailed in billions of points. How do you manage this in AutoCAD Civil 3D software? Methods and procedures for parsing and simplifying data without losing critical accuracy are examined using an alignment that is 500 kilometers long and a surface that has 2 billion points. We will demonstrate the workflow and data organization, from data preview, feasibility analysis, accuracy checks, project setup, design optimization, quantity reports, and document production. Additionally, we'll examine critical settings and other tips and tools that enhance the performance of enormous AutoCAD Civil 3D projects.

Основные выводы

  • Understand the AutoCAD Civil 3D software project and methodologies
  • Discover helper tools and applications you can use to parse data without losing accuracy
  • Learn how to compare data management scenarios with and without Vault Professional software
  • Hear about lessons learned from the CAD managers on some real-life project examples



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