Lecture    FM3243
BIM and FM Stories from the Field: A Practical Guide for Lifecycle BIM
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While still new to some, leading organizations are integrating Building Information Modeling (BIM) and facility management workflows to deliver impressive results. Simplifying building handover, improving space management, and streamlining maintenance planning are just a few of the benefits. But how do you get there? Defining BIM deliverable guidelines and resolving contractual and process issues are first steps to ensuring the model is a usable tool that becomes an essential part of a facilities management strategy. But how do you gather the needed data from all the stakeholders in the building lifecycle and deliver on the owner’s requirements? What makes a successful project handoff? As leader of the FM:BIM working group for FM:Systems, Marty works daily with organizations as they implement BIM into their facilities strategy. Join Marty Chobot as he discusses best practices in collaboration as learned from customers like The MathWorks, Xavier University, and the Iowa Department of Corrections.

Основные выводы

  • Implement new practices and workflows to use BIM data to assist with space management and planning
  • Implement new practices and workflows to use BIM data to assist with asset management and maintenance planning
  • Create a plan to bring building owners into the BIM process sooner
  • Develop strategies to communicate and collaborate better with others who are involved in the building lifecycle



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