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Design-Driven 3D Reinforcement Generation in Revit
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Design-driven modeling is a common occurrence in the engineering world, but seldom is this process adopted or taken advantage of downstream in Revit software for producing detailed constructible models—which is surprising considering the age of Building Information Modeling (BIM). By simply transferring (or manually adding) intelligent Finite Element Meshing (FEM) results data from your chosen design software to your Revit software model (better: analytical model), you begin to open a world of new possibilities. For instance, you can automatically generate 3D reinforcement based on the actual “design and loads” information now held in the Revit software analytical model. In this class we will look at how next-generation BIM workflows will utilize the power of FEM data embedded in Revit software's analytical model, and, combined with powerful BIM designers, will introduce design-driven processes for creating 3D reinforcement.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to connect your FEM software with Revit to support an intelligent engineering/detailing BIM workflow
  • Learn how to effectively transfer and manage FEM results in Revit analytical model
  • Learn how to be ready to take advantage of building-performance data to automate downstream processes
  • Learn how to utilize Revit as a platform for automating the creation of detailed reinforcement models based on regional design codes



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