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Advanced Lighting Design and Simulation for Revit
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Customers created a Building Information Modeling (BIM) automatically analyze, to develop a technology that can quickly and lighting design and visualization, you can promote your architectural design. It uses an API of Revit, first, extract the building information needed for lighting design. Then it will automatically place the lighting in individual rooms within the building. Further, through the illumination analysis, to render automatically create a photographic image. In addition, it provides dynamic control design of individual lights that are arranged. This enables you to control the lighting in the actual space. These technologies are also applicable to other facility designs.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to use Revit for easy and quick lighting design
  • Learn how you can confirm lighting placement results close to the actual finish
  • Learn about using visualization to confirm the dynamic lighting design
  • Learn how to directly realize the specification to the real space



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