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Parametric Mesh Editing and Reverse Engineering for Fusion 360
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This class will take a deep dive into Fusion 360 software's new parametric mesh features. These features enable innovative parametric mesh editing capabilities, as well as instant reverse engineering of a 3D scan. This class will include an explanation of the new features and a live demonstration of the most common workflows. Guest speaker Sualp Ozel—the product manager responsible for these features—will explain why Autodesk took on this challenge, and discuss where this technology is heading in the future. If you work with 3D scan data or mesh files, this class is for you!

Основные выводы

  • Learn how to edit meshes in ways you didn't think possible
  • Learn how to reverse engineer scan data faster than ever before
  • Learn how to convert large meshes into "clean" solids
  • Learn how to combine solid bodies and mesh bodies together




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