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Roundtable    CI10424-R
Civil Engineering and Surveying Processes: Autodesk's Tools to Help You Accomplish More
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Attendees of this discussion will learn how others perform similar tasks during the day-to-day operations of consulting engineering and surveying companies. There is always another way, and perhaps the way someone else is doing it is better or more efficient than your way. The outline of this discussion will range from using Infrastructure Design Suite software for conceptual planning efforts to organizing your layers and detailed design efforts. Topics will include how we create our basemaps from scratch, how we separate our manual linework from AutoCAD Civil 3D software-generated linework, how we handle grading efforts, and how we bring it all together for plan production.

Основные выводы

  • Learn how others start their basemaps from scratch
  • Learn how others handle AutoCAD Civil 3D layering versus custom layers
  • Learn how others handle grading efforts
  • Learn how others bring together data from various sources to generate improvement plans


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