Lecture    BO6124
Ok, I'm an Owner Using and Requiring Building Information Modeling on Projects— Now What?
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Hear valuable lessons related to Building Information Modeling-to-Facilities Management (BIM-to-FM) integration from an owner several years into the BIM journey. Why was this journey started? Which data should we capture about the facility? How is the data being used for operations or other purposes? How do you integrate deliverables—or the FM system itself—with record models and/or the data in them? This discussion will include details on how the Revit software COBie Toolkit was useful and how 1 owner is moving beyond basic integration with the company's computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to implement forward/backward compatibility with models of 150 new and existing buildings across its campus.

Основные выводы

  • Understand process followed to support BIM-to-FM workflows
  • Understand key challenges encountered in addressing BIM-to-FM workflows and how these were overcome
  • Understand rationale for which data should be captured for operations and maintenance activities
  • Understand rationale about which assets should be tracked for operations and maintenance




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