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InfraWorks as a Design Tool
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InfraWorks software has the ability to advance the designs of roads, as well as analyze a proposal's strengths and weaknesses early in the design workflow. This data completed in InfraWorks can then be used by AutoCAD Civil 3D software to complete the granular detail of the design. This will speed the broader details earlier in the project, while not necessitating redesign as the project enters the heavy design phase. This class will look at the functions available in InfraWorks to design and analyze a project design, move that data into AutoCAD Civil 3D, and show what's available to AutoCAD Civil 3D users as they begin their portions of the designs.

Основные выводы

  • Learn the InfraWorks road design layout process
  • Learn the cross-section analysis and super elevation of roads in InfraWorks
  • Learn about the cut/fill analysis tools in InfraWorks
  • Learn how to move InfraWorks data into AutoCAD Civil 3D, and understand what you can expect to use for design




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