Industry Talk    CS323158
Assemble and BIM 360: A Project Lifecycle Experience
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This class will take attendees on a journey through a project’s lifecycle, and highlight different projects from across the country, applying collaborative model-based tools to everyday processes. Attendees will learn how McCarthy is using Assemble Systems and the BIM 360 integration through different stages of a project, and how they integrate with company processes. The class will gain an understanding of current efficiencies and challenges faced when implementing these new tools in their current state, as well as obtain a road map for the future. Attendees will understand various use case scenarios, from progressive design-build application and continuous-cost modeling during a project’s preconstruction stage through different applications of the platforms by McCarthy’s operations teams during the construction phase.

Основные выводы

  • Discover real-world project application scenarios of the Assemble and BIM 360 platforms
  • Learn about efficiencies gained and challenges faced for the tools in their current state
  • Learn about a wish-list road map of where these tools intend to go
  • Understand the Assemble Systems integration into BIM 360 Design, experiences, uses, and benefits




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