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Creating Flexible Revit Lighting Fixture Families for Use with Elumtools
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ElumTools is a Revit add-on that is a powerful photometric calculation tool. But sometimes it's a challenge to get the photometric modeling results you expect from your Revit software. This class will cover creating lighting families that calculate properly using ElumTools, including placement and orientation of photometric webs, general use versus emergency calculations, and switching. By using the Luminaire Manager and Photometric Instabase, we will demonstrate how to model the correct luminaire in the correct orientation and conditions.

Основные выводы

  • Learn how to create flexible lighting fixture families that calculate properly with ElumTools
  • Learn how to verify lighting fixture families using the Luminaire Manager, including placement and orientation of the photometric web
  • Learn how to use data from IES files or the Photometric Instabase in lighting calculations
  • Learn how to produce beautiful, accurate lighting calculations with ElumTools



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