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BIM 360 Field to Building Ops—Lessons Learned in the Setup of a Project
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An increase of technology and mobile devices on construction projects means we collect more data than ever. Clients are asking for access to this data as part of our turnover package in electronic format. Traditionally, our projects have not been set up at the beginning to facilitate this transfer of data. Simple things like Locations and Asset IDs are not in the contract documents until the end of the project. Also, owners don’t know what they want or need. This class will follow a case-study format of a completed project started before the client had purchased Building Ops software. It will follow the process to set up BIM 360 Field software to build and utilize the Equipment matrix, and we’ll cover how the initial assumptions and decisions that were made affected the turnover process. We will discuss our lessons learned and give time to focus attention on early to limit rework and reorganization of data to meet the turnover needs. This discussion will focus on the transition from BIM 360 Field software to Building Ops software, but it could be applied to most FAMS software. This session features BIM 360 Field and Building Ops. AIA Approved

Основные выводы

  • Learn how to ask the right question about turnover to do a proper job setup
  • Understand how the equipment matrix transfers from BIM 360 Field to Building Ops
  • Learn how to engage and get participation from the project team in entering data
  • Understand basic key elements needed by most clients for FAM



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