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Industry talk    CS20802
Consolidate and Improve Your BIM Maturity on Each Project—the BIM Journey of VINCI Construction France
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VINCI Construction France (VCF)—the French construction division of VINCI Group (world-first construction and concession company), a general contractor employing 22,000 people in France—started its move to Building Information Modeling (BIM) almost a decade ago, and the path that led VCF to a BIM leadership in the French market has been consolidated project by project. This course will detail the strategy designed by VCF to grow its knowledge, tools, and references in BIM, and we’ll look at how every project has served to consolidate the BIM maturity of the company. We will present some key BIM projects to illustrate some important learning landmarks in the VCF BIM journey. This session features Revit and Navisworks Manage. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Understand the benefits of designing an enterprise BIM strategy
  • Understand how to take advantage of each project to practice and improve the BIM skills of an enterprise
  • Understand how to consolidate the lessons learned into an enterprise BIM toolkit
  • Understand how to make it happen


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