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Lecture    MP5818
BIM, Concept to Completion: How Revit MEP and HVAC Solution are Used in Concert
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A practicing consulting engineer will take a project from the schematic concept phase to the construction completion phase using HVAC Solution Software and Revit MEP software. See how the intelligent air, hydronic, steam, control, and plumbing system schematic models are used to convey and coordinate critical mechanical and electrical information with the design team. Both of these software systems used in concert enable your projects to be successful and profitable by providing precise and efficient mechanical designs and information to clients. HVAC Solution also accelerates project completion by automating mechanical system calculations and equipment selection through the phases of your projects. Because schedules and other reports are generated on the fly, the software enables firms to include information, diagrams, and reports on all phases of a project, thus providing clients with a high level of service.

Основные выводы

  • Learn about loads (quick estimations, block loads, detailed loads), and consider Trace or CHVAC and discover how to use them and at what stage
  • Discover critical mechanical and electrical information, and learn about the sizing of mechanical and fan rooms, shafts, and mechanical system options
  • Learn about system calculations, equipment selection, RFA files placement in the Revit software model, and schedule automation in Revit software
  • Explore HVAC Solution schematic models and Revit software 2D and 3D models and learn how to use them in concert at each phase of your project



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