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Pioneering BIM Application for Enhancing Buildings Operation and Maintenance
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This course will present a novel framework and development works for enhancing building asset management, particularly operations and maintenance (O&M), by visually intuitive integration among Building Information Modeling (BIM), asset management (AM), and various electronics systems. A newly developed BIM-AM system provides an intuitive way to access heterogeneous O&M information of assets such as photos, attributes, equipment relationships, manuals, drawings, maintenance records, live views of closed circuit television (CCTV) systems, real-time sensing data from building management systems (BMS) and wireless ad-hoc sensors, as well as location information from a real-time location system (RTLS) in an integrated mobile platform. All of this information is accessible simply by asset repository, the maneuvering throughout a BIM model, or even a handheld radio frequency identification (RFID) scanning tool. The results have successfully demonstrated the use of BIM in O&M workflow, responsive incident handling, and enhancing building sustainability.

Основные выводы

  • Learn how BIM could enhance buildings operation and maintenance via visually intuitive integration among BIM, asset management system, and various electronics systems
  • Learn how BIM-AM system could facilitate responsive incident handling in critical venues to enhance building sustainability
  • Learn about other applications of the BIM-AM system, such as effective preplanning, site preparation in alterations, additions and improvements (AA&I) works, and verification during system handover
  • Learn how BIM-AM standard, asset information requirements, and input tools to be developed could enable and foster the BIM-AM development in the near future




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