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Case Study: Connecting Design and Construction with BIM 360
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Who says trades and subcontractors are technologically averse? On the contrary, the usage of technology is relatively common among many subcontractors and proven to deliver high value to a project. Capitalizing on the BIM 360 platform with other technology such as field data collection and labor productivity tools increases information flow to facilitate better collaboration and transparency on the project. When subcontractors utilize construction technology, there is a decrease in RFIs, waste, schedule, and final construction costs. This presentation will take a deep dive into the subcontractor-based workflow of several MEP contractors including GCATS, Dynalectric, and Pacific Rim Mechanical. We’ll explore how a subcontractor’s use of BIM 360 Docs software and eSUB has improved collaboration between the field and the office and provided a single source of truth into field productivity for transparency and communication between specialty trades, general contractors, and other key stakeholders in the design-build process.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to standardize project delivery processes to save thousands of dollars on every job and increase worker productivity
  • Learn how to increase visibility on projects and eliminate the inconsistencies tearing at profit margins on every project
  • Learn how to digitize field operations to keep all your information current in real time
  • Learn how to improve communication and remove teams from your silos to promote a culture of collaboration



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