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Digital Asset Management in AEC: BIM Implementation Throughout the Asset’s Lifecycle
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We’ll discuss overcoming design and planning challenges in an infrastructure project’s lifecycle by using smart solutions, including highlights of the following: How digital asset management can help evaluate future demands for regional infrastructure development, and the challenges to be faced; how BIM can support the asset management long-term strategies to mitigate the risks impacting the operations and maintenance of infrastructure; innovative solutions to develop a smart transportation infrastructure system; the main controls to achieve a successful BIM implementation process; single integrated asset management system with sustainable and cost-effective results; guidance on how to create and follow a clear road map to achieve an effective asset management system; exploration of the significance of integrating CAPEX and OPEX solutions; and the importance of implementing an integrated CAPEX/ OPEX solution for asset owners and operators.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the value of integrated CAPEX and OPEX solutions for asset owners and operators
  • Learn how to developing long-term asset management strategies to mitigate challenges and risks with the help of BIM
  • Learn about the future and the direction of digital asset management solutions
  • Discover how the common data environment (CDE) is a key component in driving projects forward to future operations and maintenance



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