Industry Talk    CS500133
Data in the AEC Lifecycle: Using Data to Better Connect AECO Stakeholders
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From inception or proposal to closeout, a project generates a gigantic amount of data. Figuring out how to use this data to improve decision making can feel overwhelming—but, if done correctly, it can have great benefits to the business. How can architects, engineers, contractors, and owners use this data to make better-informed decisions and to better inform project stakeholders? We will uncover why it’s important to begin to aggregate data across a unified platform and other sources that span various workflows in the project lifecycle. This is a cyclical process of collecting, connecting, and visualizing our business question and needs.

Основные выводы

  • Learn about the value and importance of collecting data across a unified platform and enterprise environments
  • Discover how collecting and using data through the lifecycle of a project can help teams stay on schedule and maintain costs
  • Discover the potential value in analyzing data and learn how you can use it to drive better decision making
  • Discover which additional infrastructure or talent you may need to be successful in lifecycle data collection and analysis




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