Industry Talk    BES323259
Engineering with a Fabrication Database in a Revit Case Study
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This talk will focus on a case study using a common Fabrication database in Revit software for engineering through a design-build project. With an effort to vertically align engineering, estimating, virtual design and construction (VDC), and manufacturing on a common platform, it was important to use the same common database. It was necessary to determine the hurdles involved in adapting engineering workflows to use Fabrication Parts and how we were able to resolve them. Learn how to determine when it’s best to use Revit families, and when it’s best to convert families to items. This class is not meant to be a definitive explanation of the right methods, but a look at how it has been accomplished.

Основные выводы

  • Discover how to use Fabrication Parts during the design scope
  • Explore best practices to add value for engineering, estimating, and VDC
  • Discover tips for converting Revit Families to Fabrication Items
  • Learn how to solve methods that create hurdles for estimating and VDC partners




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