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Bring Your Building Digitally to Life with BIM!
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BIM (Building Information Modeling) and digital solutions together make a great opportunity for performance improvement and value creation. It’s all about increasing human capital value by managing the performance and agility of the building and facilities to the indicators that are important for the customer’s business. Let’s take the Incity Tower in Lyon, France's third-tallest skyscraper. In this class, we will showcase the comprehensive web digital solution, building lifetime manager, implemented together with the landlord. You’ll see how the solution, integrating asset and real-time data (3D mockup, building management system, IoT, IWM), is built on linked data technology using Forge software. We’ll present the platform’s architecture, the visualization, and the data integration features. You’ll then get insight into the customer’s journey, taking into account the customer’s needs. Benefits include the ability to use BIM in operations to remotely analyze technical equipment, visualize key performance indicators, and create new standards in workplace management.

Основные выводы

  • Discover the role of BIM and data management in operations
  • Learn about the data ecosystem of a smart building
  • Discover the possibilities of the Forge integration
  • Understand the concept of linked data and the value creation for the customer




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